The Thief, His Wife and The Canoe

I’ve always been fascinated by stories of appalling parents. Not necessarily evil towards their children, but perhaps in other ways. Spent a lot of time reading and thinking about the children of Nazis etc, wondered how it must feel to know that the kindly man who dandled you on his knee and produced coins from your ears was a war criminal. Or to have seen one parent murder the other. How would you come to terms with this?

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He’ll Never Think Of Me As An Equal

The dating continues, and I still enjoy it. Meeting different men every few days, being pleased to spend time with them without feeling the need to see them again. If nothing else, it is illuminating. Take the one I met by the river for tapas the other day.

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The Hurlingham Club

A friend died at a time when we were not allowed to gather for funerals. About 18 months later, it was his memorial, and my student boyfriend, who had kept in touch with him throughout, forwarded details and passed on the message that any friends from Oxford were welcome.

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Online Dating Dos and Don’ts for Middle Aged Men: Photos

Remember your online profile is your ad, your one window onto what makes you so special, and needs to make a favourable impression in the few seconds it takes to glance at it and swipe left or right. I might come back to the questions of words, and answers to questions, but after two years of daily studying dozens of these ‘ads’ here is my advice regarding the photos:

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Feeding and Dying

Food and feeding has always been fairly complex for me. Which is why I’ve had trouble with my weight as far back as I can remember, and why I have placed such importance on cooking for others and providing for them, as well as wondering where my next meal is coming from.

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Assumption Of Victimhood And Kindness

This so called debate, the one about so called gender. It gets on my nerves that, even when there is any kind of discussion, it is presented as neutral, when it absolutely is not.

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