She fell to earth in Berkeley Square.

‘I shot an arrow in the air.  She fell to earth in Berkeley Square.’  From one of my favourite movies: Kind Hearts and Coronets.

In town today, and on my way back to the tube, I walked through Berkeley Square. Without having intended to, I sat on a bench in the shade. All around me were people: workers, spilling out of nearby offices and enjoying their lunch break outdoors with friends and colleagues, a book, or their phone.

I used to do that. (Without the phone.) My very first graduate job was around the corner from here, over 30 years ago. Mostly we grabbed a sandwich at our desks, actually. Sitting out was a rare and guilty treat. Today I was in trainers. In those days it would have been proper shoes and office attire, like those around me.


I had come in on the tube for an appointment. It’s a long way in from my new home, but I sort of like it when I get here. I like to be part of the world. Hustle and bustle. I wouldn’t like to do it every day, rain or shine and in the rush hour. But it is nice to get away from my own four walls.

And by the time I sat down on that bench I had already achieved my admittedly pitifully low steps target, completely effortlessly. Most days, I stay home, sit at my computer and only really move to put the kettle on. Today I had not had breakfast, and as I sat in the square I did not feel the need for lunch. Had I been at home, I would probably have made toast a couple of times, and still felt hungry.

I looked up at the trees and took a photo of the sky with my phone. Hmm. Must get round to learning about filters and suchlike.

This blog, as a Roosevelt action, is all very well. I mean, I learned to do something, and I am uncomfortably accepting the vulnerability that comes with putting thoughts out there. But the fact is, it was done sitting down at home. I need to get OUT.



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