Witless Princess

Tasks for this week included the Bold Request and the Reverse Job Ad.

No ideas for the Bold Request. I liked the film we were shown as inspiration. Some guy asking for things almost guaranteed to get rejections, that were often silly and funny, and sometimes surprised with a YES. I get that: that would be fun. But my mind goes blank.   Online, some of my colleagues are asking for interviews with prospective employees. For me, that feels like jumping the gun, and vesting too much in the action, but maybe I am just scared. I am hoping something will come to me spontaneously while out and about (and forgetting that I am never out and about).

I take some comfort from the fact that I often do chat to strangers anyway. Not the same as asking for stuff, I know. And from the fact that I am getting better (from a very low base) at saying and doing what I want. Step back: at knowing what I want in the first place.  (See previous post.)

The second task is also giving me some trouble. I have drafted something, but am not happy with it. Found I didn’t want to post it here. Feel discouraged because I remind myself of the sort of gormless youngsters whose only ambition is to be famous, a celebrity. I feel I am asking for too much (I hear the coaches reproaching me as I say this) without having anything to merit my demands. It’s like: who wouldn’t want to have a well paid job, not too demanding, nice and varied, lots of travel but without the concomitant long hours or stress? Flexible working hours, smart and supportive colleagues but complete autonomy? Everyone would surely say the same. I realise this is not the spirit of the exercise, but I feel like a witless princess (unrealistic expectations, facing understandable failure) and it makes me uncomfortable.


Photo credit: my daughter took the photo; I think it is a Judas tree.


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I am a middle aged, middle class woman, thinking.

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