Reverse Job Ad

I drafted something for this task, but was unhappy with it.  Having slept on it, I still don’t know what else to do, so include the draft as is, below.

Partly the thing that makes me uneasy I think is the fact that I am not selling myself, not begging for something but turning the tables.  I do realise of course that this is the point.

It feels a bit like saying you want to be a footballer when (a) you only want to be a footballer like Beckham ie at the top and (b) you don’t even have any reason to suppose you are any good at football.

I notice that I have not given the employer a ‘reason to buy’ me, and, further, that I don’t think there is one i.e. I don’t deserve to work for a company such as I describe.  Well – as we have been encouraged by one of the coaches to respond – HOW FASCINATING!

Meantime, here is my draft:

Could you be my next employer?


A small company, but not a one man band. I want colleagues within a supportive team. I like the John Lewis ethos but can’t see myself being happy working for an organization as large as that: I want to be able to make a difference internally and externally and not go through layers of red tape and politics.

I don’t mind what you do or make, but it has to be something I am proud to promote. Snake oil and timeshare merchants need not apply.
I will not prey on people to relieve them of their money, but expect to be fairly rewarded for helping to meet their need (not necessarily a basic or obvious need).
Whatever you do or make, you value good design and good communications, and if you are not doing these things well yet, you recognize the need to, and are willing to let me influence these.
It’s not a deal breaker, but the following industries will be favourably looked upon:
Plants and gardening
Travel and holidays
Architecture and interiors
Art, museums
Personal development
Literature, language and storytelling
Alexander Technique

I don’t really care how much experience you have: you can be start-up or long established heritage brand or business as long as you have integrity and are nimble.

Working hours
Flexible, trusting attitude to working hours. I need to be able to do other things in my life, so want to work part time and sometimes from home, but not always! I am unwilling to work the hours I did at the start of my career, which left no time for a social life, exercise or even grocery shopping. You value your people and know that they give of their best if they are not worked to the bone.

You are easy to get to so I don’t have to spend hours commuting in the London rush hour. Maybe you have offices, operations or clients abroad: I like to use my languages and my experiences of living in Europe, the Middle and Far East. Ideally the job should involve some travel, but at least, talking to people in far away places from time to time.

Working day
Variety. I need changes of scene, new people, new input, learning. Happy for the job to be largely office based, in fact I need colleagues and enjoy the occasional water cooler moment. But getting out, meeting new people, travel is critical.

You do not believe in get rich quick schemes, but in paying generously for good people, and treating them well. Thus your compensation will not rely on an ‘eat what you kill model’. I need to support myself and my family. I do not need to wear designer clothes, eat in expensive restaurants or have a private jet. However I am not willing to be poor for the sake of the work I do. I want to keep a car and take holidays. If something breaks, I want to be able to afford to replace it.

Naturally you are not perfect in every way: you need me to help you to get there.


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Florence Feynman

I am a middle aged, middle class woman, thinking.

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