Meet Me Half Way

Thinking about serendipity, or making one’s own luck, reminds me of a couple of things.

One is the story of the golfer Gary Player. Apparently he was playing well and someone said ‘Boy, I’ve never seen anyone so lucky in my life!’ He is said to have replied ‘Well, the harder I practice, the luckier I get’.

And the other thing that springs to mind in this context is a joke.

A man is in financial trouble, and he prays to God ‘Please help me! I’m about to lose my business, please let me win the lottery!’ The numbers are drawn and someone else wins. Next lottery night again he appeals to God ‘Please God let me win the lottery this time, otherwise I’m going to lose my house!’ Again someone else wins the big draw. The man pleads a third time ‘God, I’m begging you to let me win the lottery! I’m losing everything, I’m thinking not just of myself but also my wife and children, I’m a good man, please let it be me!’ Suddenly with a blinding flash of light a voice booms out from above: ‘Jacob!  Meet me half way on this one!  Buy a ****ing ticket!’

So for years now I have had this voice in my head when I am yearning for something, and the voice says ‘meet me half way’.   Or, put another way: you’ve got to be in it to win it.


Photo is of the beautiful Basilica di Santa Maria in Travastere in Rome.



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Florence Feynman

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2 thoughts on “Meet Me Half Way”

  1. There’s a terrible rain storm in Texas, and the flood waters begin to rise. A man crawls up onto his roof. A guy in a canoe paddles past, and asks if he wants a ride to safety. The homeowner replies, “No, I’m a good Christian. God will save me.”
    As the waters rise higher, two men in a motorboat come past, looking for stragglers. Again, he turns down their offer of assistance, insisting that God will take care of him.
    As the waters reach the edge of the roof, a helicopter flies by, and he tells the crew to search for others, because God will save him.
    Of course, he is washed off, to his death. When he reaches Heaven, he has the temerity to complain to God. “I’ve been a ‘Good Christian’ all my life. I prayed for salvation, and you let me die.”
    God quietly replied, “I sent you a canoe, a motorboat and a helicopter. What more did you wish Me to do?” 😳
    Heaven helps them who help themself.

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