Three Things I Want To Write About

Three things I want to write about with reference to the career shift.

– status
– serendipity
– scattered focus

I’ve been thinking about all three these last few weeks, and begun posts for this blog, without really getting anywhere. And today all three came up again for me on the course. The link B posted about status. The video about chance in the week 5 missions (which I have been loving but quit before the end because, well, it’s late, and I have been sitting at my computer too long). And as for the scattering, not that it has been mentioned explicitly today, but I have been realising that I am kind of afraid to bring any more serendipity into the process, because I am like a selfish child who wants whatever I see next. Ooh! Ooh! radio! Ooh! Ooh! Historypin! I want to write! I want to paint! I want to be a captain of industry! I want not to care about capitalism! I want to be admired by my MBA crowd! I want to be admired by my AT crowd! I want to stop wanting to be admired! I want not to have to get the tube in the rush hour! I want to be able to go for a swim! I want to have money! I want to travel! I want to have time to look after my kids and my mother! Ooh! Ooh! museum curator! Ooh! Ooh! florist!

I feel like a toddler.

Feel like crying.

Feel like swearing.

I’ll go to bed.


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Florence Feynman

I am a middle aged, middle class woman, thinking.

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