Odd Job – Bald Facts

If you read my previous post and are wondering about the job application I was being evasive about…


That may not sound too strange to you, but it is, I assure you. Being a nanny was never within a gazillion miles of my radar.  But the ad struck me like a thunderbolt.

The bald facts:


  • This is a job I know I can do. While not particularly proud of my achievements as a consultant, student, daughter or wife, I can confidently say I did a bloody good job as a parent. Outstanding.
  • I have experience as a London Literacy Champion working with struggling children and their parents.
  • No idea what they pay, but it is better than nothing.
  • They live within walking distance of my place – ie bit of exercise, no cost or frustration of public transport or driving and parking.
  • It’s 3 days a week (odd hours during term time – long days in hols)
  • That will allow me time to work on my book and possible other income streams.
  • The odd – unpaid – hours (between breakfast/getting to school/nursery and pickup/afterschool until evening return of parents) MIGHT allow me to pop to the gym at exactly the right time for the class I like and/or do the grocery shopping.
  • I’ve missed reading stories and teaching my children stuff and playing with them. (Found my mind straying to grandchildren though it will be years and years before I get any.)
  • The parents are NZ/Swedish. I’ve never met a kiwi I didn’t like, and though I have met Swedes I didn’t like, they were both colleagues of my ex ie grasping and probably crooks and probably not the best of their countrymen.  Whereas the kiwis have tended to be my nannies…


  • I don’t particularly like children other than my own.
  • I absolutely HATED being a London Literacy Champion.
  • I am pretty rubbish at housework and hate it.
  • The money will be bad.
  • There will be annoying unpaid gaps most days, insufficient to do any paid work.
  • It will be a very long day in the holidays.
  • There will be no holiday pay, sick pay, pension etc (not that I get any of these currently!)
  • There will be no adult company.
  • Unlike eg a receptionist job I won’t be able to get on with writing and admin etc online during quiet times in working hours.
  • I might have to clear up their sick and stuff like that.
  • It will prevent my taking on more of the well paid but erratic stuff I have been doing (tho they have not called lately).
  • It won’t LEAD anywhere.
  • My employers will be half my age and might find me insufferably know it all.
  • It might be very boring indeed.


It’s not really the bald facts though, that are bothering me…




Image: these tiny little shoes were a gift to one of my children from one of my nannies.  A kiwi and one of the kindest and most beautiful people (in appearance and nature)  I ever met.  How fitting.


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