A Poke in the Eye

A doctor comes and calls names and of course, this being London, there are all sorts. ‘Columba?’ she calls now. ‘Columba?’  A pale, freckly young woman stands, gathers her things and heads towards her, past seats uncomfortably close together. ‘Are you Columba?’ she is asked, though it is obvious to all of us that she must be. Columba nods shyly. ‘Oh!’ says the doctor. ‘Well done.’ 

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Pavlov’s Kids

When I had a great big enormous house and three small children, I was a full time mum. Arguably I should have continued in my varied and well-paid job, but I found my children more interesting than my colleagues or clients. I enjoyed spending time with them, chatting, laughing, singing, tickling, teaching, helping with homework, washing hair, reading bedtime stories and so on. And feeding them. Continue reading Pavlov’s Kids

So Lonely

Watching some drama on tv, two kids are playing, and their parents exchange smiling glances. ‘I miss that’ I thought. Shared delight in one’s offspring. (Admittedly, this being Big Little Lies, it later turned out the man was beating his wife. Still, at the time of that affectionate-looking smile, I got a lump in my throat at my lack of co-parent.) Continue reading So Lonely