Evil Weevil

For the first time in ages I am actually enthusiastic about something.

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For a couple of months now, we’ve been asked to examine what we like, what we are interested in. To create an ideas bank. Like jigsaw pieces tipped out, with no picture on the lid. Continue reading D’oh!

Letter To My Body

Last session in Germany. It’s been a wonderful few days of imagining, exchanging and warmth. We sit in a circle and the teacher talks about trappings. How he used to enjoy the comfort and status conferred by living in a big house. (Hello? Is it me you’re talking to?) And how his dog, who has no worries about his appearance, is his role model. People spend time and money on clothes, makeup, jewellery etc, but these are not their body. Continue reading Letter To My Body

Teach Us To Sit Still

I’m away from home without my children. I’m speaking German. I’m the only one with no previous association with the group: they all know at least some of the others and I feel ‘fremd’. The experience of the Technique is unsettlingly different to my own training (if more to my liking), and I am sharing a bedroom with someone I’ve never met before.

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