Reverse Job Ad

I drafted something for this task, but was unhappy with it.  Having slept on it, I still don’t know what else to do, so include the draft as is, below.

Partly the thing that makes me uneasy I think is the fact that I am not selling myself, not begging for something but turning the tables.  I do realise of course that this is the point. Continue reading Reverse Job Ad



I wanted to say something about networking. For me. Beyond the remit (to date) of the course we are doing, but it is relevant to my ‘journey’.

The last twenty years or so, and quite possibly longer, I have been in a bit of a cocoon. Of my own making. Or maybe not. Anyway. Continue reading Networking

Witless Princess

Tasks for this week included the Bold Request and the Reverse Job Ad.

No ideas for the Bold Request. I liked the film we were shown as inspiration. Some guy asking for things almost guaranteed to get rejections, that were often silly and funny, and sometimes surprised with a YES. I get that: that would be fun. But my mind goes blank.   Online, some of my colleagues are asking for interviews with prospective employees. For me, that feels like jumping the gun, and vesting too much in the action, but maybe I am just scared. I am hoping something will come to me spontaneously while out and about (and forgetting that I am never out and about). Continue reading Witless Princess

Ask A Friend

One of the other tasks for the first week was to ask people to answer some questions about you, on the basis that we don’t see ourselves as others do. A questionnaire was provided.   After wasting far too long trying to format it allowing space for replies, I gave up and typed the questions from scratch. And still I managed somehow not to read them or think about them. Continue reading Ask A Friend

She fell to earth in Berkeley Square.

‘I shot an arrow in the air.  She fell to earth in Berkeley Square.’  From one of my favourite movies: Kind Hearts and Coronets.

In town today, and on my way back to the tube, I walked through Berkeley Square. Without having intended to, I sat on a bench in the shade. All around me were people: workers, spilling out of nearby offices and enjoying their lunch break outdoors with friends and colleagues, a book, or their phone. Continue reading She fell to earth in Berkeley Square.