Barely Brushing My Teeth.

Within a matter of days I signed two contracts – one for a full-time job, the other to write a book.   Continue reading Barely Brushing My Teeth.


Looking A Gift Horse In The Mouth

Under a bridge in Holloway, a narrow cellophane wrapper holding a bunch of red roses.  It was wedged into a metal hook in the wall to hold it upright.  Also there, neatly folded and forming a puffy cube: a duvet without a cover.  I hurried past, late, and wondered.  Usually under that bridge there are people, wrapped in winter clothes and lying under duvets.  Last time, a young woman had stopped to give a dishevelled man some coins.  Now just the duvet and the roses.  Had the flowers been a gift?   Continue reading Looking A Gift Horse In The Mouth

Having a Dog and Barking Yourself

Twelve hours or more I am out of the house these days; long days at work and an extensive commute.  I arrive home tired, have to shop, cook, iron and so on, deal with rats and leaking roofs and the tax office,  and – this week – my son forgetting to turn up to one of his exams, which necessitates more paperwork and cost than you would imagine. I try to squeeze in time to write another chapter of the book, already behind schedule, but luckily with an understanding publisher. Continue reading Having a Dog and Barking Yourself