Well, Well, Well. Still Not Sunk In.

I am now a published author.  The book is available to buy in paperback or download from Amazon.   Continue reading Well, Well, Well. Still Not Sunk In.


A Poster Girl for Divorce?

I’m researching a book.  Had it in the back of my mind for a while now, and although it is changing shape without even being anywhere close to creation and may never come to anything, I am pleased to be doing it. Continue reading A Poster Girl for Divorce?

Review of Book and Marriage

Have you ever read Arnold Bennett’s The Old Wives Tale?  I’ve been reading it slowly but with enormous pleasure.  (It’s my ‘on the tube’ read, and I haven’t been on public transport much lately.)  The man deserves to be better known for this work, and not just for his omelette. Continue reading Review of Book and Marriage