Long Forgotten Letters

My son came into my study where I was sitting feeling tearful. He set about tidying up my things. He often does this. He is a much more organised person than I am and likes systems and applying them. Left to his own devices he would arrange the contents of my fridge into alphabetical order. Continue reading Long Forgotten Letters

Financial Dificulties and Mental Health Problems

Yet another radio programme about personal debt, the scale of the problem, the help available and so on.  Dramatic tales of people whose debt has spiralled out of control.  The ease of running up unmanageable debt on credit cards.  An MP calling for greater measures to protect the public from feeling forced to resort to loan sharks.  Continue reading Financial Dificulties and Mental Health Problems

Review of Book and Marriage

Have you ever read Arnold Bennett’s The Old Wives Tale?  I’ve been reading it slowly but with enormous pleasure.  (It’s my ‘on the tube’ read, and I haven’t been on public transport much lately.)  The man deserves to be better known for this work, and not just for his omelette. Continue reading Review of Book and Marriage