If You Don’t Know How You Feel, Do You Feel It?

Things are not right. Continue reading If You Don’t Know How You Feel, Do You Feel It?


Sex and Companionship

Once again, I accidentally come across an email I sent myself long ago.  The girls referred to are my two daughters.  It was written at the end of March 2013.  That means, five months after my husband walked out on us, and, if memory serves, at just about the time he made it clear after some dithering that he would not be coming back.   Continue reading Sex and Companionship

Something Has Shifted At Last

Over the xmas hols I have been feeling sorry for myself, possibly even a bit more than usual.  Realising that I am nobody’s number one and all that.  Couple of weeks off work – an unexpected bonus – I was full of plans to go somewhere hot, or take the kids to yet another European city for a short break, or take myself off to some kind of spa.   Continue reading Something Has Shifted At Last

That Was The Good News.

I used, when it all kicked off, to send myself emails as things occured to me.  (I still do.)  And now, sometimes when I am looking for other things, I find them.  They give me a jolt – I have usually forgotten the incidents and thoughts.  And they make me cry. Continue reading That Was The Good News.