We three sisters met up for dinner. ‘My three favourite words’ says one, ‘are: You. Are. Right.’ She repeats this a few times, then types it into a translation app on her phone for the benefit of her Japanese lodger who speaks very little English and is sitting politely at the table, surrounded by detritus and cats. I feel myself being rubbed up the wrong way. Continue reading Oops!


Just came across some stuff which reminded me that when my ex walked out on us and went to stay in a hotel, I was (amongst other things!) anxious about the cost. Although he had been earning a good salary * we had stratospheric outgoings with a monthly mortgage payment that was more than some people earn in a year, and three children in not just any old independent schools, but three of the priciest in London. And so on. Continue reading Marginal

Waaah! I Can’t Look After Myself!

I can’t, and I don’t seem to want to. For a while perhaps I thought my husband would do that for me. I abdicated that responsibility, if I ever held it. Maybe briefly. Before that it was my dad, I suppose. And before that, I can only assume, my mother, when it was just a case of nappy changing and so on. Continue reading Waaah! I Can’t Look After Myself!