Fat is a Feminist Issue

All my adult life I think I have had this book on my shelf, in fact I think as a child it was on my mother’s (hmm). I may even have read it when younger and only thinking I was fat or hugely overweight. I don’t remember what it says. Continue reading Fat is a Feminist Issue


Finding A Women’s Circle

Somewhat delayed in any case, then pacing up and down waiting to go into the tube, I was on the phone to a friend who had asked for help. Another friend had recommended a women’s circle, and I was going to give it a go. Inauspicious start: my friendly email had bounced back and there seemed no other means of contacting the organisers, so although the website said just turn up, I was now afraid that after a long day and a delayed start, the lengthy commute could very possibly end in failure.   Continue reading Finding A Women’s Circle