So Lonely

Watching some drama on tv, two kids are playing, and their parents exchange smiling glances. ‘I miss that’ I thought. Shared delight in one’s offspring. (Admittedly, this being Big Little Lies, it later turned out the man was beating his wife. Still, at the time of that affectionate-looking smile, I got a lump in my throat at my lack of co-parent.) Continue reading So Lonely

The Letter Writers

I was selling stuff.  My ex had bolted, I had no income and he was not giving me any money for the mortgage or indeed to feed or clothe the children (let alone their school fees). So I was flogging what belongings I could on ebay and at car boot sales. (This generated virtually nothing, as you might expect, so did little to solve the problem.) Continue reading The Letter Writers

Always Friendship (or Any Relationship?) On Someone Else’s Terms

Had lunch with two women I barely know but met through my old college. It was lovely.  A little Spanish restaurant where we each chose tapas to share while we chatted about all manner of things.  Nice place.  I used to go there with BH years ago.  But (though we talked about relationships with partners and exes) it wasn’t him I thought of afterwards. Continue reading Always Friendship (or Any Relationship?) On Someone Else’s Terms