A Big Fucking Lie

Group therapy. A woman shares about some heartbreaking events in her family. She feels she has been a terrible mother. Her own mother sounds terrible, though she did the best she could. The woman leading the group refers to The Big Fucking Lie that the woman has believed all her life: that she is no good. Continue reading A Big Fucking Lie

The True Cause of Dread and Anxiety

Of course, when bad things do happen, and happen thick and fast as they did to me a few years ago, it is easy to explain the feeling of dread and anxiety. But I experienced this for a long time before. For years I went about my business (to the extent that I went, or had business) with the expectation that I was shortly to receive a tap on the shoulder in the form of some calamity or other. I was rigid with fear. Continue reading The True Cause of Dread and Anxiety