Something Has Shifted At Last

Over the xmas hols I have been feeling sorry for myself, possibly even a bit more than usual.  Realising that I am nobody’s number one and all that.  Couple of weeks off work – an unexpected bonus – I was full of plans to go somewhere hot, or take the kids to yet another European city for a short break, or take myself off to some kind of spa.   Continue reading Something Has Shifted At Last


By 2pm all I’ve done is have lunch

Actually, no, had a shower as well.  It was about time.  (I’m ashamed to say how long.)  I didn’t want to do it.  I didn’t want to get up even.  And, until I did get up, I wasn’t that fussed about lunch. Continue reading By 2pm all I’ve done is have lunch

Having a Dog and Barking Yourself

Twelve hours or more I am out of the house these days; long days at work and an extensive commute.  I arrive home tired, have to shop, cook, iron and so on, deal with rats and leaking roofs and the tax office,  and – this week – my son forgetting to turn up to one of his exams, which necessitates more paperwork and cost than you would imagine. I try to squeeze in time to write another chapter of the book, already behind schedule, but luckily with an understanding publisher. Continue reading Having a Dog and Barking Yourself

The New Normal

Funny how we adjust.  First I thought I could not live without my husband.  Even after he absconded and I was somehow still alive (though, barely, in retrospect), if you had told me that I would in similar vein lose one of my children I would have said that in such a case I could not breathe.  Indeed, I suspect I did not.  Not for a long time.  Not really. Continue reading The New Normal