Tug o’ War

Mostly just an indistinct hot mess of feeling too big when I try to remember what I weighed at various points in my life. Without specific numbers attached to specific times. But there are a few. Continue reading Tug o’ War


To Understand All Is To Forgive All

Forgiveness. I get cross with myself about it. Continue reading To Understand All Is To Forgive All

Review of Book and Marriage

Have you ever read Arnold Bennett’s The Old Wives Tale?  I’ve been reading it slowly but with enormous pleasure.  (It’s my ‘on the tube’ read, and I haven’t been on public transport much lately.)  The man deserves to be better known for this work, and not just for his omelette. Continue reading Review of Book and Marriage


Not made much progress as a careershifter in the last few days.

My bollockheaded former husband has not paid the pitiful amount of maintenance he is obliged to make under the terms of our Consent Order while we still have children of school age. Continue reading Distractions