A Good Year For the Roses

‘It’s a shame about the weather’ she said. ‘I wasn’t able to plant out those seedlings.  Continue reading A Good Year For the Roses


Letter To An Old Friend

We were such good friends.  Met at university, hung out together and made each other laugh.   We were often in a group, yet you were always very special to me, and I loved you. Continue reading Letter To An Old Friend

The Ueberraschung Button

I came back furious.  My ex-husband has been lying to my daughter who lives with him.  I mentioned it to her twin, who lives with me (yes, fucked up).

‘It’s like the Ueberraschung button’ he said.  ‘The first time you press it, it’s a surprise, but not the hundredth time’.  This made me laugh, but I was still cross. Continue reading The Ueberraschung Button