Can’t Get A Man

Shortly after my husband absconded I found Wikivorce, an excellent website that offers support to people going through divorce and separation.  A source of factual information, advice and support, with court forms to download, other members (more or less expert) to consult, a chatroom and a place to blog.   Continue reading Can’t Get A Man


Bodily Functions


If you’ve read my letter to my body you’ll know I find this kind of talk deeply uncomfortable.  Yet it has to be said, there is some truth to the phrase apparently written in loo cubicles: There’s nothing so overrated as a bad fuck, nor so underrated as a good shit.
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Mentoring and a Fairy Light

I noticed that one of my colleagues on the course had signed up to be a mentor with a company called Everwise. (Nice name. Bit cocky.) Continue reading Mentoring and a Fairy Light