Whatever Love Is* On The Rebound

Lately I have found myself speaking on the phone at some length to a couple of men who are going through divorce. Both have immediately started dating, using whatever means they could to find a new partner. ‘Boing!’ I am thinking. ‘Rebound’. Continue reading Whatever Love Is* On The Rebound

Sex and Companionship

Once again, I accidentally come across an email I sent myself long ago. The girls referred to are my two daughters. It was written at the end of March 2013. That means, five months after my husband walked out on us, and, if memory serves, at just about the time he made it clear after some dithering that he would not be coming back.   Continue reading Sex and Companionship

Can’t Get A Man

Shortly after my husband absconded I found Wikivorce, an excellent website that offers support to people going through divorce and separation.  A source of factual information, advice and support, with court forms to download, other members (more or less expert) to consult, a chatroom and a place to blog.   Continue reading Can’t Get A Man

Bodily Functions


If you’ve read my letter to my body you’ll know I find this kind of talk deeply uncomfortable.  Yet it has to be said, there is some truth to the phrase apparently written in loo cubicles: There’s nothing so overrated as a bad fuck, nor so underrated as a good shit.
Continue reading Bodily Functions