Der Apfel Fällt Nicht Weit Vom Stamm*

When I was a child my father was often angry.  We’d hear his key in the door and all fun would cease; we’d scarper like cockroaches at the switching of the light, to avoid his wrath. Continue reading Der Apfel Fällt Nicht Weit Vom Stamm*


Footloose And Fancy Free

Travelling on my own – seeing people like I used to be: stressed.

When I missed the train into town from the airport by less than a second and it, with relentless Teutonic efficiency, closed on my nose and drew away on the dot, I didn’t tell myself I was stupid for being slow, or that it was unfair. I found somewhere to sit in that featureless underground station and I read my book (Arnold Bennett’s Old Wives’ Tale, if you’re interested, and I’m loving it). A family next to me also missed the train. The parents spoke with strained voices, blaming one another. That used to be me. Horrible. Continue reading Footloose And Fancy Free