Disappointed When Not Disappointed

Grudges and grievances.  I have been reflecting rather unhappily on the sad recognition that sometimes (only sometimes!) when things don’t go as badly as expected, I am disappointed.  That strikes me as mad, but there is no avoiding the fact that it does happen. Continue reading Disappointed When Not Disappointed


Fall Seven Times. Stand Up Eight. Don’t Cry.

So, in terms of jobsearch, I have had a couple of rejections now.  I am only counting the ones that mean something to me.  The ones where I really wanted the jobs, where I took care over my application and where I believed absolutely (and this is rare) that I could do those jobs, do them well, and enjoy them. Continue reading Fall Seven Times. Stand Up Eight. Don’t Cry.

Contempt: the Relationship Canary

I froze.  The man on the radio said his research enabled him to predict, within half an hour of listening to them talking, which couples would split.  And the killer clue was: contempt.   Continue reading Contempt: the Relationship Canary