They Shit More Than They Eat!


My friend was complaining about clearing out the horses’ stable.  I laughed and laughed, but lately the phrase has come back to haunt me.  I am beginning to feel as though I, too, shit more than I eat. Continue reading They Shit More Than They Eat!


Keeping The Best Till Last or Fear of Running Out

Hoarding.  I met a friend today who is starting a business as a declutterer, and I’ve been mulling this over.  We think of hoarding in terms of stuff. Continue reading Keeping The Best Till Last or Fear of Running Out

Letter To My Body

Last session in Germany. It’s been a wonderful few days of imagining, exchanging and warmth. We sit in a circle and the teacher talks about trappings. How he used to enjoy the comfort and status conferred by living in a big house. (Hello? Is it me you’re talking to?) And how his dog, who has no worries about his appearance, is his role model. People spend time and money on clothes, makeup, jewellery etc, but these are not their body. Continue reading Letter To My Body


I wanted to say something about networking. For me. Beyond the remit (to date) of the course we are doing, but it is relevant to my ‘journey’.

The last twenty years or so, and quite possibly longer, I have been in a bit of a cocoon. Of my own making. Or maybe not. Anyway. Continue reading Networking