I Wasn’t Always Fat

But I always, always, always thought I was. Continue reading I Wasn’t Always Fat


A Waking Dream

Fantasy: I was at work and had lost a great deal of weight – like I’d had some kind of surgery or been ill or something so there was a marked difference. In the daydream, one of my colleagues said ‘you’re looking great’ and I was surprised that I felt kind of embarrassed and offended. The thought popped into my head ‘I was great before’. Continue reading A Waking Dream

Waaah! I Can’t Look After Myself!

I can’t, and I don’t seem to want to. For a while perhaps I thought my husband would do that for me. I abdicated that responsibility, if I ever held it. Maybe briefly. Before that it was my dad, I suppose. And before that, I can only assume, my mother, when it was just a case of nappy changing and so on. Continue reading Waaah! I Can’t Look After Myself!