Not Getting What You Want

So, the worst has happened. I did what I always feared: I asked for what I wanted.  The thing that always stopped me doing it, the fear I would be told ‘I hear you and I don’t care’ has been realised. But nobody died. And maybe I got what I needed. Hmm. Continue reading Not Getting What You Want


Asking For What You Want

Back to work yesterday and it didn’t seem as bad as before, something had shifted. A few months of therapy, a few years of thinking and talking, and a week’s retreat. Finally starting to unravel the habits of a lifetime. Continue reading Asking For What You Want

Having a Dog and Barking Yourself

Twelve hours or more I am out of the house these days; long days at work and an extensive commute. I arrive home tired, have to shop, cook, iron and so on, deal with rats and leaking roofs and the tax office,  and – this week – my son forgetting to turn up to one of his exams, which necessitates more paperwork and cost than you would imagine. I try to squeeze in time to write another chapter of the book, already behind schedule, but luckily with an understanding publisher. Continue reading Having a Dog and Barking Yourself