Well, Well, Well. Still Not Sunk In.

I am now a published author.  The book is available to buy in paperback or download from Amazon.   Continue reading Well, Well, Well. Still Not Sunk In.


A Poster Girl for Divorce?

I’m researching a book.  Had it in the back of my mind for a while now, and although it is changing shape without even being anywhere close to creation and may never come to anything, I am pleased to be doing it. Continue reading A Poster Girl for Divorce?

Dress for the Job You Want

With the support of the group, I have updated my LinkedIn profile. Amongst other things I claim to be doing for a living (when in fact I am still not earning at all, but surviving on dwindling savings) is translating copy from German, after my epiphany on a recent trip to Hannover when I realised or remembered that I have the ability. Continue reading Dress for the Job You Want

The Police Make Two Appearances

I listen to Radio 4. All day, and even at night when it switches to the World Service.  I hardly ever turn off, even when I wake at about 3am and inexplicably hear songs being sung for toddlers. (Really? At that time of night? Yes.) Well, it helps me get back to sleep.  Rarely, it gets too much (the same drama for the third time), and then I turn to iPlayer, mostly. Continue reading The Police Make Two Appearances