The Most Beautiful Woman

Further to my previous, unedifying post at the end of a bad day, I have resolved to tackle the subjects I couldn’t deal with last night.

So. Serendipity. Let’s start with that. Nice word, anyway. The word that lots of people choose as their favourite. I wonder what mine would be? I digress. Maybe one day I’ll write a post listing my favourite words….I like words.   But for now: serendipity. Or, more prosaically: chance. Continue reading The Most Beautiful Woman


Opportunities are not like clouds that float in the sky. Opportunities are attached to people.

Well you don’t need to tell me that! It’s why I have been practically prostituting myself, clicking connect left, right and centre on LinkedIn even though I have only the vaguest idea with whom I am connecting. Because. You. Never. Know. Continue reading Connections


I wanted to say something about networking. For me. Beyond the remit (to date) of the course we are doing, but it is relevant to my ‘journey’.

The last twenty years or so, and quite possibly longer, I have been in a bit of a cocoon. Of my own making. Or maybe not. Anyway. Continue reading Networking

Witless Princess

Tasks for this week included the Bold Request and the Reverse Job Ad.

No ideas for the Bold Request. I liked the film we were shown as inspiration. Some guy asking for things almost guaranteed to get rejections, that were often silly and funny, and sometimes surprised with a YES. I get that: that would be fun. But my mind goes blank.   Online, some of my colleagues are asking for interviews with prospective employees. For me, that feels like jumping the gun, and vesting too much in the action, but maybe I am just scared. I am hoping something will come to me spontaneously while out and about (and forgetting that I am never out and about). Continue reading Witless Princess